Air Handling Units (AHU)

Air Processing Units widely known as Air Handling Units are mainly used for maintaining air quality (cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying, filtration etc.), air quantity (Cubic Meter per Hour (CMH) or number of Air changes per hour) and for circulation of air in the specified area through properly designed air distribution network. AHUs with various combinations of airflow, static pressure and varied selections of filtration level can be built to match customer requirements. These units are designed to offer customized solutions to suit requirements ranging from 850 to 68,000 CMH.

In a standard construction of AHU, the casing consists of double skin sandwich insulated (PUF) panels which are mounted on specially designed anodized aluminum profile structure and the casing is mounted on Galvanized iron base frame with fan, motor, cooling / heating coils, volume control dampers and filters (as per the classification required) and stainless steel drain pan, for condensate disposal.


Additional features like Heat Recovery Wheel, Heat Pipes, Plate type heat exchangers, Sound Attenuators, Motorized Damper with Actuators, Fire Control Dampers, Variable Frequency Drive Control Panels, etc., can be offered as per the requirement.

  • Superior design

  • Precise workmanship

  • Double skin construction with plug fans or DIDW fans

  • Unique gasket arrangement

  • Food grade rubber gaskets

  • Unique design filter frame

  • Energy efficient fan and motor 

  • Low maintenance

  • Highly reliable

  • Standard & tailor made designs

  • Available in vertical or low height loft mounting design to suit site conditions

  • Available with built-in automation controls