• Superior design

  • Precise workmanship

  • Double skin construction with plug fans or DIDW fans

  • Unique gasket arrangement

  • Food grade rubber gaskets

  • Unique design filter frame

  • Energy efficient fan and motor 

  • Low maintenance

  • Highly reliable

  • Standard & tailor made designs

  • Available in vertical or low height loft mounting design to suit site conditions

  • Available with built-in automation controls

Citizen Fan Coil Units come in a rugged construction with trouble free silent operation. Units are available in various standard and non-standard tailor made designs such as:

  • Hideaway type ceiling suspended horizontal design

  • Hideaway type units in vertical design

  • Ductable units in single skin and double skin construction

Special Features

  • Multispeed fan motor

  • Casing in heavy gauge galvanized iron construction

  • Dynamically balanced, silent operation blowers

  • Double skin sandwiched insulated tray with extended drain pan

  • Sleek design and elegant finish

Fan Coil Units (FCU)

  • Available in standard and non-standard designs as per requirement 

  • Made out of copper tube and aluminum fins

  • Corrugated fin surface and repelled edge provides better strength and reduces the bypass factor

  • Tight bond between tube and fins for efficient heat transfer

  • Provided with Copper headers

  • End panels made out of heavy duty galvanized iron sheets

  • Top and bottom plates in GI construction for better mechanical protection 

Cooling and Heating Coils

  • Made out of special profile anodized aluminum extrusions

  • Concealed type gear train in heavy duty engineering plastic construction

  • Aerofoil shaped blades with special profile gasket secured grooves

  • Smooth and noiseless movement

  • Can also be provided with suitable electric / pneumatic actuator

  • Industrial anodized finish provides excellent resistance against corrosion and minor mechanical damages

  • Elegant finish

Low Leakage Dampers

Citizen is proud to have introduced a new generation of plug fan technology in India. Plug fans are the perfect choice for the air handling units for most critical applications. It has several special features over traditionally used DIDW fans such as: 


  • Compact size, quiet in operation, lesser in weight

  • Low power consumption

  • No belt drive package required means no maintenance, more reliability and no contamination generated from belt shredding

  • Choice of multiple outlets

  • Fan motor can be kept out of air circuit

Plug Fans