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Laboratory Furniture in Galvanized Iron

  • Laboratory work tables with a C-frame design provide excellent strength and weight bearing capacity to the work tables. The work top is mounted on a “C” frame structure made of 60 mm x 30 mm x 2 mm pipes welded together and powder coated with pure epoxy powder for high chemical resistance

  • Laboratory work tables with plinth design, is where the worktop is mounted directly on a base of modular plinth mounted cabinets. This type of design provides flexibility in terms of easy change in the configuration of the work table in the future

Work tables can be manufactured in a large variety of dimensions including length, width and height based on lab space available and lab table application.

Work table Configurations:

  • Wall benches

  • Island benches

  • Peninsular benches

  • Corner benches

  • Sink units

  • Distillation benches

  • Gas chromatography benches

Wall bench in plinth
Wall bench in C-frame

Cabinet options* for work table in C-frame design:

  • Hanging cabinets which are attached to the C-frame and hang from the top of the frame structure

  • Sliding cabinets with a roller mechanism provided on the frame structure to allow the movement of the cabinets along the length of the work table

  • Independent cabinets are placed under the work table, mounted on legs, plinth or castor wheels as per customer’s choice. These are not attached to the frame structure.

Cabinet options* for work table in plinth design:

  • Plinth mounted cabinets with levelling bolts to ensure levelling of work surface

*Cabinets for worktables can also be manufactured

in other designs or configuration as per customer or

site requirement​

Island bench in C-frame
Island bench in plinth
Plinth mounted corner cabinet with one drawer and exposed knuckle barrel hinges
Hanging or sliding cabinet with one drawer and one shutter, and hidden auto-close hinges
Hanging or sliding cabinet with
three drawers
Plinth mounted cabinet with one drawer and two shutters, and hidden auto-close hinges

Reagent racks are useful for easy access and small storage of daily use. These are available in different configurations as per requirement:

  • Single sided and Double sided reagent rack for wall benches and island benches respectively​

  • Single, double or three tier racks depending on storage requirement

Reagent racks are offered mainly in two design: 

  • In epoxy coated galvanized iron construction with PP lined shelves 

  • Special profile extruded aluminium construction with hard anodized epoxy powder coated surface. Shelf tops are provided in 6mm phenolic resin or wire reinforced glass construction. This design offers extra ordinary chemical resistance in addition to elegant look.

C-frame Island bench with double sided two-tier reagent rack with fixed shelves

Overhead storage cabinets can be provided for file storage or general purpose storage in island as well as wall benches. Overhead storage cabinets can be mounted on the wall where a solid brick concrete wall is available. However, in rooms with partition panels or hollow brick walls or island benches, overhead storage cabinets are mounted on a frame structure constructed with the support of the bench structure itself.

Double sided three tier reagent rack with adjustable shelves for island benches
Wall mounted overhead storage cabinet with shutters
C-frame Island bench with double sided two-tier reagent rack with adjustable shelves and overhead storage cabinet with sliding doors

Electrical raceways are offered in triangular or rectangular box type design in GI construction finished with epoxy coating. Internal wiring is carried out using reliable make copper conductors with FRLS insulation. Raceways are mounted on vertical members of reagent racks or on work surface of the table when not provided with reagent rack.

Vertical service pendants (Droppers)

Various services such as gas or liquid lines, electrical or data cables are laid through vertical service pendants when such services are to be drawn from overhead lines. The pendants are generally fabricated out of galvanized iron sheets and provided with service covers on one side to access service valves and other fittings. The size of the service droppers depends upon number of services to be drawn through.

Other electrical accessories

  • 6A/16A multi-plug sockets and switches

  • 20A industrial sockets and MCBs

  • Data points for network cabling

  • Spark proof sockets and switches

  • Other electrical accessories as required

Sinks, taps and related accessories

Rectangular sinks -
large and small
1-way water tap
Oval sinks and cup sinks
Wall mounted taps
Square sinks
Bench mounted 2-way 90 degree taps
3-way water taps
Bench mounted 2-way taps
Bottle trap with outlet connection
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